Since the beginning of the 1980’s engineers and scientists in Freital and Dresden focussed on developing analysers for determination of blood glucose in the medical laboratory. Already these devices and the necessary consumables were produced and marketed worldwide from Freital. At the beginning of the 1990’s the engineers of the development team decided to form their own company and they put it into practice by founding on 01.04.1993 Dr. Müller Gerätebau GmbH.

Together with the distributor now known as Hitado GmbH the base was established to start with their first own analyser in the German market after only one year. The close and still ongoing association with this distributor assured the engineers their full power to develop new products.

In the following years several types of this analyser were developed. Dr. Müller Gerätebau GmbH reached a technological milestone when the novel biosensor for determination of glucose and lactate in blood was developed. For this sensor Dr. Müller Gerätebau GmbH received the ‘Innovationspreis des Freistaates Sachsen’ (Innovation award from the Free State of Saxony) in the year 2000. By using biosensors a new generation of analysers was created whose application area was not only restricted to medical laboratories.

When we recognised early the change in the health system we developed devices which can be used in the doctors office and in the international Point of Care market.

A close co-operation with the company DiaSys Diagnostic Systems GmbH which has a worldwide network of own subsidiaries and distributors enabled us international success.

To unite the competences of both companies this company is our strategic partner for developing new analysers.

In 2014 Dr. Müller Gerätebau GmbH was handed over to the next generation of management.

After more than 20 years of successful business the founders of the company backed down to their well deserved retirement. Now four long standing employees from different fields continue together the company development.

Again now a group of developers partnered together to make it possible to continue the great success of Dr. Müller Gerätebau GmbH and to remain a reliable and stable partner for all customers.